Retrieve inventory

If you used Glacier before, you'll see a list of your vaults for your account and the selected region in the left pane. To switch the region, use the region dropdown menu above the left pane. The list of vaults is available in real time. However, the list of archives (i.e. the inventory) of each individual vault must be requested individually. Choose "Initiate inventory retrieval" to do so. An inventory retrieval takes about 4 hours to complete.

You cannot initiate inventory retrieval for freshly created vaults. Inventories are only available for non-empty vaults, 24h after the first archive has been uploaded.

To see the progress of the inventory retrievals, switch to the "Transfers" tab. Freeze periodically checks for completion of the retrieval.

Once the inventory has been retrieved, you'll get a notification and you'll be able to browse the contents of the vault.

The list of archives contains all archives from the retrieved inventory, as well as those archives that have been recently uploaded. You can distinguish recently uploaded archives from other archives by looking at the "Inventory Date" column.

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