The search bar in the upper right corner of the window allows you to search for archives. The search works like a filter: As soon as you enter a search query, the inventory view will only show archives that match the given search query as you type.

Note that filtering only affects archives, but not folders. If an archive you are looking for is nested deep down in a folder hierarchy, hold "ALT" and click on the expand symbol of the root node to expand all subfolders.

Search across multiple vaults (available since v3.12)

In addition to filtering, you can also search across multiple vaults within the current region like so:

This search method allows you to cycle through 10 matching archives per vault. If you don't find your archive this way, try to narrow the search by entering a more specific search query.

Ignore case

If you want to search case insensitive instead of case sensitive, click on the loupe icon next to the search bar and check "Ignore case" from the dropdown menu.


The search query accepts SQL-LIKE wildcards:

Example: If you want to search for all archives that start with ARCHIVE and end with .pdf the search query would be ARCHIVE%.pdf.

Search by prefix

If you prefix your search query with the caret (^) character, the search will only match if your search query appears at the beginning of an archive name. For example the query ^archive will match the archive name archive.pdf but not barchive.pdf.

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